Who's Who

Jason Robinson

Hi, I am Jason, Church warden and reader. I have been worshiping at Christ church for approximately 18 years with my family.

Dianne Colbert

My name is Dianne. I am a Reader in the Church and also take part in a prayer group. I have been in the Church for 20 years and find the fellowship very helpful.

Mike Cawley

I'm Mike Cawley. I'm one of the Wardens here. I work with young people aged 14-19. This is one of the best jobs in our Church!

Paul Wilson

My name is Paul and I have been saved for 12 years. I am a member of the Worship team and a House Group leader as well as being a member of the PCC

Enid Brown

My name is Enid. I go to Christ Church and help in many things in Church. I have been in Church for 30 years. I find if we work together we can move mountains.

Fred Clarkson

Hi everyone. I'm Fred Clarkson; I lead one of the House Groups and am a member of the PCC.

Ivan Wetherell

I am Ivan Wetherell and have been Parish Treasurer for the past 3 years. I am a young Christian, only being baptised 12 years ago and confirmed 4 years later.

Julia Fotheringham

My name is Julia Fotheringham and I have worshipped at Christ Church for many years.

Ralph Hagen

Hi, I'm Ralph and I attend Christ Church and St George's.

Jean Kilvington

My name is Jean Kilvington. I have been a member of Christ Church for twelve years

Steve Richardson

I am Steve Richardson. I have been at St George's for 3 years, involved with going on the streets and knocking on doors praying for people.

Muriel Smith

My name is Muriel Smith, member of Christ Church from 1975

Stephen Colbert

Hi there. My name is Stephen, I play the keyboard and I am responsible for the music in the church, leading the worship group as we lead the fellowship in musical worship to the Lord.

Margaret Masey Vickers

My name is Margaret . I've been part of the lovely fellowship of St. George and Christ Church for a very long time. I am the child protection officer and lead a House Group.

Anne Davies

Ann Davies, been a member of Christ church for 16 years. A member of the PCC, but don't often get to meetings because I am a youth club leader and we meet on the same night. I love being part of the fellowship, and I'm often found in the kitchen.

Jane Robson

Hello, my name is Jane Robson. I've been a member of St George's for 14 years. I really enjoy singing in the Worship Group.

Shirley, Elaine & Ann

We are Shirley (left), Elaine (centre) and Ann (right) we are the team who arrange the flowers in St George's and Christ Church. It's something we all enjoy because it's important that God's house should always look its best.

Joy Brunskill

My name is Joy Brunskill. I am the Pastoral Assistant for St George's and Christ Church.

Carol McIntosh

Hello - I'm Carol, the Parish Secretary so I'm the person you'll speak to if you want to book a wedding, or a baptism, or have any other queries about St George's or Christ Church (see below for office details). I also sing in the Worship Team, help to organise special events such as the Pancake Party or the fun Day, and I am a member of a House Group. I love working and worshipping here because I get spend time with so many lovely people - both in the fellowship and those I meet through the office!

Parish Office

The office will be open 9:00am - 12:30pm
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
an answerphone is in service at all other times.

Spencer Road, Normanby, Middlesbrough

Tel: (01642) 281182

Email: admin @ christchurchandstgeorges.org (no spaces)

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