St. Hilda

A Lesson for today from Saint Hilda

Just Who Is A V.I.P?

We can be very good at discerning who we would consider to be a V.I.P. and who we wouldn't. If the Queen decided to visit our home we would ensure that everywhere was clean and tidy and, if we had one, we might even roll out a red carpet. By contrast, we feel no qualms about passing someone in the street who is trying to sell the "Big Issue". We all have finely tuned attitudes as to just who is a V.I.P. and who is not, but is this right?

Jesus only ministered on earth for three years, about 1059 days. 106 of these were Sabbaths, He also spent a fair amount of time travelling to and from Jerusalem for the major festivals, and He needed to spend time teaching and training His disciples. Bearing in mind the impact that Jesus wanted to have, "Go out into all the world...", three years is not a great deal of time to achieve that aim. It is surprising therefore, that in such a busy schedule Jesus took a full day out to minister to just one man. A man who lived on the far side of the Sea of Galilee: a man who was so demonised he lived among the tombs, and who was so violent and dirty no-one wanted to be near him. Despite the man's appearance and his obvious problems, to Jesus he was one of God's children and, as such, he needed to be healed and his dignity restored. With this in mind, Jesus treated the worst person in the Bible with the utmost love, and respect. How does this impact on how we treat others and decide who is a V.I.P. and who isn't?

Please read:
Mark 5:1-20
James 2:1-8
Hebrews 13:1-3
How much do these verses help give you a new outlook?

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