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Staying Safe in Your Church Community

Everybody has a right to be safe from danger and anyone who might harm them.

The Church believes that all children and teenagers should be protected from danger and harm.

The Church also believes that there are some grown-ups who need to be protected from danger and harm.

There are some people who need help because they might try to harm others.

The Church wants to make sure that anyone who takes part in any activity at Church is safe.

To make sure everyone can be kept safe there are some rules and ideas that will help this happen. We follow a Safegurading Policy for Children and Vulnerable adults.

Details of the national Church of England's robust procedures and guidelines can be found at

Additonally, other useful contact information is available at Diocese of York / Safeguarding.

Margaret Masey VickersIf you woulld like to talk to somebody about feeling safe and being safe, please contact Margaret Massey-Vickers, Parish Safeguarding Officer on 01642 281182

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