House Groups

House Groups are an integral part of the Christ Church and St. George's fellowship. This is where we regularly meet in the relaxed comfort of someone's home to enjoy being together. If you wish to join one of our house groups to enhance your discipleship experience etc., please contact Diane Colbert, either directly or through the Church Office.

Here is a flavour of some of our house groups.

When: Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30pm
Where: Teesville
Led by: Fred and Bryn

The A B C of our Housegroup:
Answers, BIBLE, Coffee, Debate, Encouragement, Fellowship, Friendship, GOD, Help, Hospitality, Information, Joy, Knowledge, Laughter, Meetings, News, Nurturing, Openness, PRAYER, Questions, Reassurance, Socials, Study, Support, Tea, Understanding, Vision, Welcome

When: Monday evenings starting at 7:30pm
Where: Teesville
Led by: Carole

Beacon Housegroup currently has fourteen members.

In the past we have studied various aspects of prayer and also looked at the three virtues of faith, hope and love. We have also had a number of fun nights and held quizzes. During the Christmas period we have an outing for a meal together and we also host a summer barbeque where we invited some other members of the fellowship to join us.

Our housegroup is a fun loving group full of trusting friendships and colourful characters. It is a safe place to grow in our walk with Jesus and we all encourage one another in that walk building each other up and praying for each other.

Beacon housegroup logoOur Mission Statement: We at Beacon Housegroup will aim to meet regularly to worship the Lord our God, to study His word together and to pray and intercede so that we can all develop our relationship with the Father, live in continual fellowship with other believers and bring Christ into our relationships. As we study His word we aim to grow in the knowledge and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ so that we may reflect His grace and mercy to those around us. Using the gifts the Holy Spirit has given us, we will also aim to build up the body of the Church and will seek to show compassion and hospitality to our fellow believers, through service and giving, and will always strive to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25

When: Tuesday evenings starting at 7:30pm
Where: Nunthorpe
Led by: Trefor and Ann

What we like about our house group: The warmth of a caring, welcoming hospitable home. No-one is left out - we are all made to feel special. Jesus makes us one and we are all able to share openly and with confidence our answered prayers, our needs and our weaknesses. We have good bible teachings and discuss how God's word can be applied to our own lives. We pray for each other, the church and the wider community as our amazing God guides us. We finish with tea, scones and lots of laughter. (It's good medicine).

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