Good News

One of the most important things that Jesus ever said was that "He had come to bring us life, life in all its fullness."

He did not come to bring us lots of rules. He did not come to hem us in or to bore us to death. He did not even come to introduce a new religion. He came to bring us life.

How? By showing us God's love. God loves this world so much He sent us His Son. He did not send His Son to condemn us, He sent Him to show us His love and to bring us a rich full life.

Jesus once went to a wedding and, during the reception, the wine ran out. Imagine a party without any wine. Things were about to go horribly wrong. Jesus told the servant to fill some storage jars with water and then take some of that water to the master of the banquet. When he tasted it, he found it had been turned into the very best wine - over 120 gallons of it. What a party that must have been!

On another occasion His disciples spent all night fishing and caught nothing. Jesus went out in the boat with them and told them to cast their nets. They did and caught so many fish their boat could hardly hold it.

Then there was the time when Jesus went to His dear friend Lazarus' funeral. By the time He arrived Lazarus had been in his tomb for four days. Jesus loved his friend and so he told some of the guests to roll away the stone at the tomb's entrance. Then He prayed, called Lazarus out of his tomb, and everyone watched as he walked out still wrapped in the grave cloths, miraculously restored to life.

Everywhere Jesus went He brought life. He healed the sick, cured the lame, gave sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf. But most of all He taught people about God in a living, vibrant way. With real inside knowledge and authority Jesus told people how much God loves them and that it is still His message today. God loves you and He wants you to have a rich, full life in relationship with Him. That's Good News!


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