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In order to follow Jesus we must begin where we are. I'm sure that, as you read this, there are many good things about your life. You are kind to people, helpful to others, and have many friends who will testify to the fact you are a good person.

But - no one is perfect. We all have our faults and failings that we try to hide away. The truth is, God knows about those things and it is those very faults that stop us reaching out to Him. Why? Because God is totally perfect. Something needs to be done about our sin before we can build a relationship with a holy God.

This is why God sent Jesus. He sent Him to show us that He still loves us. He sent Him to be our teacher and our role model to follow, and He also sent Him to die.

There is a story of a man who was arrested for stealing milk bottles from people's doorsteps. He had been doing it for a while and was finally caught. On the day of his trial he admitted what he had done and the judge fined him £20. The man protested, "I know what I have been doing but I am not dishonest. I needed the milk for my family. If I had the £20 I would have bought the milk. I simply cannot afford the fine".

The judge listened and passed sentence: the fine was £20. He then removed his wig, got down from the bench and gave the man a cheque for £20. He upheld the law and then showed mercy.

The Bible tells us that the wages of our sin, all our faults and failings, is death: complete exclusion from God's life. God cannot budge on that, it's His law, but He extends His mercy to us by sending His perfect Son to pay the sentence for us. This is what the Christian message is all about and to become a Christian involves three simple steps. It's as easy as A B C.

1. Admit that, although you are good in parts you are not perfect - You may need to admit particular faults to God in prayer and ask His forgiveness. He will forgive because He loves us.

2. Believe that Jesus died for you. He really has paid for your sin and, when you trust in Him, God forgives. He takes your sin and hurls it as far as the east is from the west and promises to forget all about it.

3. Commit your life following Jesus. Commit yourself to becoming like Him and enjoying His abundant life.

The following prayer might help:
Father God,
Thank You for making me.
Thank You for loving me.
Thank You for sending Jesus to die for me.
I am sorry for all I have done wrong.
Please forgive me,
and send my sin as far as the East is from the West.
I give to You the whole of my life
and now, as Your child,
I commit the rest of my life to walking with You.

If you have prayed this prayer please contact us. We would love to know about it and help you as a new disciple of Jesus.


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